Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

Committee Chair

Burton, Nefertiti

Author's Keywords

Journey; Artistry; Metamorphic journey; Genesis of passion; Revelations of possibilities; Metamorphosis of an artist


Acting; Cleage, Pearl. Blues for an Alabama sky; Cleage, Pearl--Characters--Angel


This thesis represents and examines my metamorphic journey as it relates to acting. These pages hold my greatest fears, insecurities, perspectives, and mantras toward life and the magical world of theatre. Chapter One, Genesis of Passion, reveals how my childhood helped and hindered my progression as an artist in my adulthood. Chapter Two, Metamorphosis of an Artist, speaks to the mental and physical adjustments required to transition from the teacher back to the student. Chapter Three, Touched by An Angel, includes historical data surrounding Blues For An Alabama Sky as well as specific character research needed to bring my character to life. It discusses my mentality toward this preparation as well as thoughts and insights while rehearsing and performing the role. The final chapter, Revelations of Possibilities, speaks to my desire to leave a blueprint for Master of Fine Arts students in this program who will graduate after me. It encourages and directs them toward a path of finding elements that perfect their artistry, filtering negativity that blocks this growth and forgiving themselves and others when instances and situations do not turn out as they might have wished.