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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Social Work

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Social Work, PhD

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Sar, Bibhuti K.


Behavior disorders in children--Treatment; Problem children--Behavior modification; Child psychotherapy--Parent participation


Children with severe behaviors have prompted the response of educators and family interventionists to develop innovative behavioral solutions to address this growing concern. Within the last few years, collaborative behavioral interventions have emerged demonstrating promising solutions for classroom teachers and concerned families. As part of a 3-year study, a U.S. Department of Education (Institute for Education Sciences) development grant was awarded to the Kent School of Social Work. Researchers from the University of Louisville and Oregon Research Institute developed a version of the First Step to Success program for children requiring tertiary-level support. This dissertation examines fidelity levels, social validity, and proximal outcomes associated with the home component-Tertiary homeBase of the enhanced version of First Step. The implications and recommendations for future research are presented.

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