Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Oral Biology

Committee Chair

Tasman, David

Author's Keywords

Orthodontics; Advertising; Board certification


Dentist and patient; Dentists--Training of; Dentistry--Practice; Orthodontics, Corrective


Competition for orthodontic patients is at an all time high. Ways to differentially market an orthodontic practice are essential in attracting patients. It is hypothesized that the patients don't understand the extra training that an orthodontist must complete and that being board certified by the ABO or completing a Master's degree does not make an orthodontic practice more attractive. A sample of 204 perspective patients was surveyed. 4 participants were resurveyed. Participants were asked to quantify the education of a general dentist and an orthodontist and use a VAS scale to measure their perception of differently qualified orthodontists and a general dentist providing orthodontics. Those surveyed accurately determined the amount of education an orthodontist and general dentist complete and perceived the orthodontist with the most credentials as most favorable. They also favored the general dentist providing orthodontics. A Master's degree was only somewhat favored. Most questions were found valid.