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Master's Thesis

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History, MA


World War; 1914-1918--Causes; World War; 1914-1918--Diplomatic history; London; Treaty of; 1915


After much study and research this paper, on one of the big questions of the World War, "Secret Treaties of the Allies," is presented, and the facts contained herein, it is hoped, will be of interest. The student of history becomes deeply concerned about the why of such action on the part of great nations combined together to fight the greatest war of all history. This particular field of the past, for the one desiring to do research work, will remain fertile for a long time. It is like the "hidden treasure" in that the facts will only be discovered after long and careful searching. It has proven to be a most delightful study, and all of our time spent among the records and documents of ten to fifteen years ago has been time well spent. These treaties were secret during the war and they have been kept secret since the war by the Allies, and my prophecies are that they will remain, so far as any official investigation is concerned, secret. The original text of some of these treaties may never be known, but the context of all of them is known, and on the following pages it is hoped that information will be given that will provide the reader with a good knowledge of "The Secret Treaties of the Allies."

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