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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Thomas, Lundeana Marie, 1949-


Acting; Yankowitz, Susan. Night sky; Yankowitz, Susan--Characters--Anna


This thesis is divided into six chapters covering my evolution as an artist. The introduction features the growth and awareness I have attained, spanning the past three years, since I arrived at graduate school. Chapter One discusses my approach to the character of Anna while Chapter Two focuses on my research of Aphasia and Astronomy as they relate to the script of Night Sky. Chapter Three explores the audition and rehearsal processes and the outcome of those processes as experienced in the performance. In Chapter Four, I reflect on the experience of Night Sky and examine ways I could have possibly made my performance better. Finally, Chapter Five exposes final thoughts about my present state and future plans. This monograph is a testimony of the continuing maturation of my relationship with the craft of acting, highlighted in my thesis role as Anna in Yankowitz's Night Sky (1991).