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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Begley, John P.


Maritime museums--Indiana--Jeffersonville; Museums--Collection management--Indiana--Jeffersonville; Howard Steamboat Museum


My project looks at the current state of collections at the Howard Steamboat Museum located in Jeffersonville, Indiana and how the staff can improve their collections care and management. It is imperative that collection management guidelines and policies be upgraded and improved in order to secure the future of the collections. By conducting research and using examples from similar institutions, as well as considering the needs and situation of the Howard Steamboat Museum, I have created a proposed Collections Management Policy for the Museum to adopt and implement. From an internship experience and following volunteer involvement with the Museum, I found that the Howard Museum collections are suffering from deterioration and damage, and if these harmful agents and risks are not eliminated, both the collections and Museum will suffer. These hazards could be ameliorated with improved collections policy and management procedures. In conjunction with the updated storage facility that the Museum has added, I am putting forward a well-defined and complete collections management policy in this thesis as a method to allow the Howard to be in a better situation to preserve its collections.