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Master's Thesis

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Oral Biology

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Farman, Allan G.

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Health and environmental sciences




Purpose: To evaluate baseline and 3 different image enhancements for the detection of landmarks and overall perceived quality in photostimuable phosphor cephalograms. Methods: DenOptix images of 48 patients (plus 12 repeats) were presented randomly to 10 observers who rated 11 anatomic landmarks and overall appearance (1 = poor; 2 = satisfactory; 3 = excellent). Equal numbers of 16-bit images with single peak (SP) 16-bit double peak (DP) histograms and 8-bit images were included. Enhancements used were: (1)emboss; (2)pseudocolor; and (3)emboss-pseudocolor. The Friedman Test with Wilcoxon post hoc analysis was applied. Results and conclusion: The results support the use of emboss and color enhancements to aid in the quality of landmark identification and improved perception of image quality for photostimuable phosphor cephalograms. Emboss enhancement seems to be best utilized for hard tissue landmarks while color enhancement seems to be best utilized for soft-tissue landmarks.