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Master's Thesis

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Geography and Geosciences

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Day, Christopher Andrew

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Howarth, David

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Howarth, David

Committee Member

Battjes, Andrew J.


Water--Pollution--Kentucky--Louisville; Urban runoff--Kentucky--Louisville; Beargrass Creek (Ky.)


This thesis examined whether water quality diminished as a result of increasing pollution downstream along the Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek, Louisville, Kentucky in response to urbanization. Samples of key water quality indicators/pollutants were collected for 12 weeks (November - January) along the Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek at three different stream gauges. A spatial and statistical analysis was performed to verify any significant correlations between the water quality indicators and pollutants, and whether basin wide landcover/sewer outlet numbers led to an increase in these indicators downstream. Following ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis statistical testing it was established that turbidity significantly increased downstream, while pH increased upstream in response to the changes in landcover along the Middle Fork. Further analysis is still needed to investigate the water quality of the stream across different seasons.

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