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Women in literature


While the character of women in the plays of ancient times has ever played an important part in the history of the drama, the appearance of women in the feminine roles is a distinctly recent development. It might well be said that this is a fairly modern addition to the stage. Perhaps if Aeschylus or Shakespeare were here to-day, they would shake their heads and sigh because women, whose place they considered to be in the home, should have so far degraded themselves as to appear before an audience on an equal footing with their husbands or brothers. They would probably never realize how much better would have been a woman's interpretation of a woman's part. This advance of women then into the public eye would be no less preposterous to them than the idea of women in politics was to our own men folk a few years ago. In order to lead up to the time when women first appeared on the stage, it might be well to consider woman's position in the early drama, and to give a brief sketch of the history of the drama in the various countries.