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Master's Thesis

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Oral Biology

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Oral Biology, MS

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Binkley, Catherine J.

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Chapman, Kenneth

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Chapman, Kenneth

Committee Member

Staat, Robert


Developmentally disabled--Dental care; Developmentally disabled--Services for


Often oral care is overlooked during the daily care of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Due to the integration of adults with IDD from institutions into group homes and private homes, caregivers need to be taught to implement daily oral hygiene protocols. The purpose of this pilot study, conducted by the University of Louisville and the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, was to develop an oral hygiene plan for adults with IDD residing in group homes in the Louisville, Kentucky area that would ultimately improve their oral health and quality of life. This thesis focuses on the quality of implementation of the oral health intervention strategy based on the results from the pilot study. Additionally, this thesis sheds light on the level of implementation quality as measured by dosage, fidelity, and caregiver reactions.