Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Chair

Rockaway, Thomas

Author's Keywords

Stormwater management; BMP modeling; Best management practices


Urban runoff--Management--Kentucky--Louisville; Watershed management--Kentucky--Louisville


Urbanization disrupts natural soil profiles and as watersheds are urbanized, their surfaces become impervious and this will result in reduction of infiltration. For this reason, many cities are facing problems with treating runoff water. Best management practices (BMPs) consist of built systems designed to reduce and control the quality of runoff water in urban areas and help to control the direction of it. This system guides water to a structural soil retention area beneath the pavement where it is then temporary stored. BMPs are based of rainwater withholding (such as infiltration basins) or infiltration into the soil (such as permeable pavement). In this project we are to create a stormwater management model for campus using a modeling software for the purpose of guiding future BMP types and locations by predicting different scenarios' efficiency based on runoff water reduction.