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Master's Thesis

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College of Education and Human Development


Composition (Language arts)--Study and teaching; English language--Writing--Study and teaching


There is considerable interest in minimum essentials in English. This interest is manifested in educational periodicals, pamphlets and monographs that have given the results of surveys that have been made in order to find out what the minimum essentials should be. Not only periodicals treat of the subject, but books also are being written which are devoted entirely or in part to the minimum essentials. Practice pads and other devices are other evidences of an effort to aid those who are trying to teach the essentials. The criticism of the colleges and the technical training schools is that their entering students have to be coached in the fundamentals. What those fundamentals are no one has yet defined completely nor answered satisfactorily. The colleges blame the high school for the alleged poor preparation of the graduate, and the high school complains about the poor training which the elementary school is giving in the fundamentals. Any study that further defines the fundamentals or one that defines the amount of the commonly termed fundamentals that the normal pupil may be expected to master in a given time should be welcome contribution. As a result of one year's perusal of what has been accomplished in the field upon the subject of minimum essentials in English in various schools and especially in the Junior High Schools of Louisville, Kentucky, this thesis is presented.