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Master's Thesis

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Oral Biology

Committee Chair

Scarfe, William C.


Teeth--Radiography; Diagnostic imaging


Objective . To compare the in vitro reliability and accuracy of linear measurements between cephalometric landmarks on CBCT 3D images with varying basis projection images to direct measurements on human skulls. Methods . Sixteen linear dimensions between anatomical sites marked on 19 human skulls were directly measured. Skulls were imaged with CBCT at three settings: 153, 306, and 612 basis projections. The mean absolute error and modality mean of linear measurements between landmarks on 3D images were compared to the anatomic truth. Results . No difference in mean absolute error between the scan settings was found. The average skull absolute error between marked reference points were less than the distances between unmarked reference sites. Conclusion . CBCT measurements were consistent between scan sequences and for direct measurements between marked reference points. Reducing the number of projections for 3D reconstruction did not lead to reduced dimensional accuracy and potentially provides reduced patient radiation exposure.