Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

M. Eng.


Chemical Engineering

Committee Chair

Ernst, Robert Craig


Citrus fruit industry--By-products


This thesis is a report on three investigations, Citrus waste Disposal, Distillery Slop Disposal, and Dehydration of Beet by Infra-red Radiation. The work on citrus waste consisted or the production of a resin tram citrus waste and phthall1c anhydride. The optimum molding conditions tor this cellulosic resin were established, and the effect of var1ation in the percentage of citrus waste to phthalic anhydride was determined. In the second part of the work, on the Disposal of Citrus Waste, the possibility was investigated of using soluble salts in the treatment of citrus waste prior to pressing. A series of experiments were run to determine the optimum amounts of the salts to use. A process tor the complete disposal at distillery wastes was investigated. The waste DS concentrated to the maximum viscosity that would permit spraying and burned with stack gases in a combustion chamber. Efforts to coagulate the suspended solids in distillery slop with chlorine produced in situ were not completely satisfactory from an economic viewpoint. The chlorine was produced by electrolyzing the slop after the addition of sodium Chloride or calcium chloride. Removal of the suspended solids in distillery slop by filtration was unsuccessful. Addition or various chemical reagents did not improve to any great extent the filtration rate or the quality of the filtrate. In the third investigation, a process tor the rapid dehydration of beet with intra-red radiation was developed.