Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Physics and Astronomy

Committee Chair

Mendes, Sergio B.

Author's Keywords

Raman spectroscopy; SERS sensors; Functionalized fiber-optic probe; Fiber-optic chip; Near field optics; Remote Raman scattering detection


Fiber optics; Raman spectroscopy


Planar fiber-optic chips (FOC) take advantage of the evanescent field effects of side-polished fibers, exhibiting usefulness in fluorescence, absorbance, electrochemical investigations, and as presented here Raman spectroscopy. The fabrication of the FOC utilizes a side-polishing process of a multi-mode optical fiber. The fiber core is exposed creating a D-shape when viewed laterally. The cylindrical fiber is mounted in a V-groove of a Si-wafer and side-polished, creating a platform for easier analyte handling with greater control over surface chemistry. A longer path length when compared with end-tip fiber probes results in a larger cross section of analyte signal. This work presents decoupled investigations of excitation and collection of Raman scattering using the FOC, for bulk media and thin films. Realization of a fully in-line system would alleviate the need for alignment of cumbersome bench-top optics, further increasing the utility of this device by allowing for interrogation of remote, hostile environments.