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Master's Thesis

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Social Work


King's Daughters Home for Incurables


Since 1909, the King's Daughters' Home for Incurables in Louisville, Kentucky, has provided institutional care for physically handicapped persons who are residents of Kentucky. A hospital survey done by the Kentucky State Board of Health in 1945-46 classified the Home as a "custodial-type institution", and did not include it in the survey, as it was not considered a hospital. Surveys on phases of the work of the institution were done in 1914 (Haven Emerson Survey) and in 1940 (Health and Welfare Council Survey) for administrative purposes. This year the work of the Home has provided the material for three theses in the Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisvllle. Mr. Clyde Van Metre has reported the history of the institution, and Miss Conder Lewis has studied applications for care at the institution during the Family Service Organization demonstration period of casework service (1946-47). The subject of this thesis is, as the title indicates, the place of rehabilitation in the Home. No attempt was made to avoid overlapping with the other two studies because the difference in approach seemed to insure a difference in presentation and in selection of material. .All of the information gathered for the three studies was regarded as timely inasmuch as the Family Service Organization of Louisville expected to evaluate its demonstration period of casework service this year, and some of the material presented will illustrate the need for a social worker in the Home and the qualifications of such a worker.

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