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Master's Thesis

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Division of Social Administration

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Cronin, John J.


Medical care--Kentucky--Louisville; Physically handicapped--Home care--Kentucky--Louisville; Physically handicapped--Institutional care--Kentucky--Louisville


This study is undertaken to survey and evaluate the adequacy of convalescent facilities available for indigent persons who have been under the care of the surgical service at the Louisville General Hospital. The adequacy of convalescent care will be measured first, in relation to its scope, second, in relation to its help to the patients, and third, in its interaction with other community agencies. The study is prompted by the recognition of the fact that convalescence is a sadly neglected field of medical care. Convalescence will be defined for the purposes of this study as the more or less gradual return towards normal after a period of physical or mental disability. The approach to this aspect of need for medical care should be made with the realization that no medical history is complete until the story of the convalescent period is complete. A patient may have recovered from. illness end still be unprepared to assume routine duties. It is the management of this period of medical care that has not been satisfactorily supervised in the past. In considering adequate convalescent care, we must think in terms of the individual and of his nutritional, psychosomatic, and economic condition. It should be considered as a continuing service in which the physician, the hospital and social service, all have a share.