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Master's Thesis

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Department of Education

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Oppenheimer, J. J.


Public schools--Indiana--Jeffersonville--History; Jeffersonville (Ind.)--History


As the traveller approaches Jeffersonville from the north by way of U.S. Highway Number Thirty-One, he may see at the city limits a marker bearing the following information: "Jeffersonville was founded in 1802 and named in honor of Thomas Jefferson who planned the original town plat. It was made the county seat by William Henry Harrison, governor of the Indiana Territory." A stranger visiting a city is usually attracted by those things along the lines of his own interests. The engineer would be interested in plats and sanitary conditions. The business man would be interested in the business section. The physician would notice health and sanitary conditions, and hospitals. The minister would be attracted by the various buildings devoted to religious worship. The educator would be interested in educational facilities. In this work the writer, with the point of view of the educator, will endeavor to trace the development of free public education in Jeffersonville from its early beginnings. Attention will be given to backgrounds of private education, administrative and executive personnel so far as records are available, procurement of real estate and erection of school plants, and development of school curricula, and extra-curricular activities. To obtain this information, the writer purposes to search previously written history, school and court house records, and local newspaper files. Added information will be sought through interviews with reliable older citizens of this community.

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