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Master's Thesis

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Social Work

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Williams, Howell V.

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Mathisen, Mathilda


Epileptic children


This study has been fostered by developments in three fields of endeavor, each of which has contributed directly to the writer's approach to the subject and the conclusions which will be made. First is the trend in medical care toward the recognition'of the fact that particular illnesses imply particular problems and necessitate specific forms of medical and social treatment with these ideas in mind and to provide the recommended treatment specialized programs have been developed and purposive organizations founded. Also, during the past ten years medical research has provided a much better understanding of epilepsy, its implications, and methods of treatment, both of the manifestations of the illness and the person having it. At the same time educators were attempting a constructive approach to the school problems of the epileptic child. The results of some of the thinking and planning for the education of such children were presented in various studies which were important in implementing an awareness of medical-social needs which were not being adequately met.

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