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Master's Thesis

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Division of Social Administration

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Cronin, John J.

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Blakey, Lois

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Kutak, Robert I.


Adoption--Kentucky--Jefferson County; Adoption Law and legislation--Jefferson County


This study is an attempt to evaluate the procedure employed in the adoption of children in Kentucky since the enactment of the new adoption law in June, 1940, which made mandatory a social investigation during the sixty-day period required between the date of the filing of the petition and the date of the court hearing. It aims (1) to examine the operations of the Kentucky law in the area of Jefferson County tor which the records were made available by the State Department of Welfare, Child Welfare Division, Frankfort, Kentucky, and (2) to measure the local procedure by the standard of the best available knowledge and practice. In the process of examination and measurement of local procedure, it is well to bear in mind that (1) many of the adoptions studied were begun a number of years ago, without benefit of specialized adoptive-placing techniques, (2) the adoption law requiring social investigation is new and (3) the machinery set up tor its administration has not been in operation long enough tor us to evaluate its program of interpretation to the community. The community will get the kind of service in the field of adoption which it demands. For the information of those interested in the development of improved adoption practices tor all candidates tor adoption, this study will point out certain adverse aspects from which 118 may deviate in the future tor the improvement and development of better standards in adoption as related to the child welfare of this community and the state.