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Master's Thesis

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Social Work

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Williams, Howell V.

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Mathisen, Mathilda


Louisville General Hospital (Louisville, Ky.)--Admission and discharge; Louisville General Hospital--Admission and discharge


In July 1946 the Board of Health of Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky, announced its decision to curtail services of the public health department serving the metropolitan area surrounding and including Louisville, and the outlying agricultural region in the rural part of Jefferson County. In the past decade the combined health department for Louisville and for Jefferson County had accomplished much for the health needs of the citizens of the community. The close association, as a teaching hospital, with the University of Louisville Medical School, had helped General Hospital, the former municipal hospital known as City Hospital to become a good general hospital with fairly adequate ward and clinic facilities. Therefore, it was with regret that the Health Board decided to curtail service Just when it was most needed, as returning servicemen, and new family groups; industrial workers attracted by new industry locating in Louisville and the surrounding county; and families attracted by the expansion of business in the growing metropolitan area, made Louisville an increasingly important city in the nation.

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