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Master's Thesis

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Social Work

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Williams, Howell V.

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Brown, Helen A.


Child health services--Kentucky; Child health services; Kentucky


This study had its beginning in 1944 when the American Academy of Pediatrics passed a resolution "to make available to all mothers and children of the United states all essential preventive, diagnostic and curative services of high quality which used in cooperation with other services for children will make this country an ideal place for children to grow into responsible citizens." They realized that the first requisite to accomplishing their objective was a comprehensive knowledge of available facilities. They initiated a national survey of child health facilities through the various state Academies and Societies of Pediatrics. Dr. W. W. Nicholson, President of the Kentucky Pediatric Society, directed the gathering of the data used in this study for the state of Kentucky and has the over-all responsibility for the presentation of this report. He was assisted by Dr. W. B. Atkinson, Executive Secretary of the Kentucky Survey and his staff.

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