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Master's Thesis

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Social Work

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Cronin, John J.


Louisville Mental Hygiene Clinic; Children with mental disabilities--Education (Elementary)--Kentucky--Louisville; Mentally handicapped children--Education (Elementary)--Kentucky--Louisville


This study is an attempt to follow the development of the group of children who attended the Mental Hygiene Clinic Nursery School of Louisville, Kentucky in its first three years, September, 1939 through May, 1942. The children were studied on a comparative basis of their behavior in the two school situations - nursery school in 1939-1942 and elementary school in 1946. The study not only considers the child's behavior in the classroom, but also attempts to evaluate the effects at personality and environmental influences upon the child's school adjustment - his health, conditions in the home, and mental development. The preschool years are now being recognized as of more developmental importance than any succeeding period of life. The White House Conference reports after a careful survey, "In early childhood - even as early as four years of age - about one-third of apparently normal children of self-sustaining families, average in intelligence have behavior problems sufficiently marked to necessitate treatment. Large numbers of children still need help at the kindergarten and primary levels.

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