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Oppenheimer, J. J.

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Stevenson, Guy


University of Louisville. College of Arts and Sciences; College attendance--Kentucky--Louisville; Veterans--Education--Kentucky--Louisville; Academic achievement--Kentucky--Louisville; Academic achievement; College attendance; Veterans--Education; Kentucky--Louisville


The University of Louisville, like most other universities, played an important role in World War II in the training of Service Men for active duty in the Navy, and now in the post-war era, finds herself taxed to the limit to provide educational facilities for her veteran students. To admit large numbers of students, whether veteran or non veteran, without some sort of screening process to identify those who obviously could not do college work would be wasteful of manpower and public moneys. The policy which the University has used for many years is known to be a valid procedure, and it is as follows: 1. One must have graduated from a four-year accredited high school and have at least 15 acceptable units of credit. 2. In addition, every person wishing to enter as a freshman must take the following tests, among others: General Scholastic Aptitude Test English Usage Test 3. If one's average on these tests is in the lower quarter and he ranked in the lowest third in his high school class, he may be refused admission to the college.

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