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Political Science

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Political Science, MA

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Cronin, John J.

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Read, James Morgan

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Kutak, Robert I.


Tuberculosis--Prevention; Tuberculosis--Kentucky--Louisville; Tuberculosis--Kentucky--Jefferson County; Tuberculosis; Kentucky--Jefferson County; Kentucky--Louisville


There is an easy complacency in Louisville about tuberculosis. Some years ago the city and Jefferson County jointly built a beautiful and spacious sanatorium at Waverley Hills. Visiting physicians praise its adequate equipment and staff. Hospital statistics prove that it supplies the city and county with more than the standard number of beds for tuberculous patients; its provision for Negro patients is unusually generous. These pleasing truths tend to dull anxiety over tuberculosis as a local menace. Other social and health problems may be admitted, but it is not generally considered that tuberculosis presents any difficulties. To what extent is this satisfaction justified? Is tuberculosis no longer an important health problem? Do Louisville and Jefferson County compare favorably with other parts of the country in this respect? What is the financial cost of the disease to the community? Is expenditure of tax money and private contributions for tuberculosis control resulting in decreased incidence? Since there are no generally available answers to these questions the following study of tuberculosis in Louisville and Jefferson County was undertaken. It is essentially a study of the social and economic factors connected with tuberculosis and makes no attempt to approach the medical aspects of the disease.