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Master's Thesis

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Sociology, MA

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Kutak, Robert I.

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Hassold, Ernest C.

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Birdwhistell, R. L.


Part-time employment--Kentucky--Louisville; High school students--Employment--Kentucky--Louisville; High school students--Employment; Part-time employment; Kentucky--Louisville


Today with the advent of an ever increasing industrialization, the importance of developing the skill, strength, and knowledge of the young people to meet the new age is recognized as never before. Not only must the fundamentalism of traditional education be revised in terms of a more progressive education, but also the practical, non-academic courses should be given more consideration. In this thesis I have attempted to analyze one particularly important aspect of the problem of youth and employment. I have presented here a sociological analysis of part-time employment in the Louisville, Kentucky Senior High schools. It was my intention to inquire into the relationships between the time spent in employment and the effects on the students' scholastic and social lives. Throughout the thesis I have endeavored to show the effects on the community of a school work program. The main body of the thesis is divided into three chapters: an introduction, a report of the analysis of the data, and a summary of trends and proposals. The particular questions posed by the investigation, the methodology, and the analysis of local and national data will be presented in chapter two.

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