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Education, Secondary--Kentucky--Louisville--History; Education, Secondary; Kentucky--Louisville; History


The development of secondary education in Louisville is significant because this city (together with the City of Covington) took the lead in establishing high schools in Kentucky. Although the state legislature from early days encouraged county seminaries and private academies, it gave practically no attention to high schools until 1908. After the Civil War various cities established high schools. There were few county high schools until the last decade of the century (1890-1900). Fifty-nine Kentucky high schools were accredited by the State University in 1908, but there 1 were perhaps as many unaccredited (with two or three year curricula). The City of Louisville has not always been the flourishing "Gateway To The South" that it is today and neither has the secondary educational system of this city always been what it is today. There had to be a simple, unpretentious beginning. The writer feels that a brief historical introduction will serve the purpose of connecting the past with the present and of laying a foundation on which to base the thesis itself.