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Master's Thesis

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Division of Social Administration

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Cronin, John J.

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Warner, Robert G.

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Cook, Gardner F.


Day care centers--Kentucky--Louisville; Day care centers; Kentucky--Louisville


A problem of great concern to many communities in the United States is that of day care of children of working mothers. Since the beginning of the defense program and particularly after the United States entered the war, wide publicity has been given to the problem of children left without supervision while their mothers worked. Communities that were affected by increases in population began to establish committees to cope with the situation. Numerous surveys were conducted in an attempt to measure the adequacy of existing facilities and the extent of the need for additional day care centers. Congressional action made federal funds available to local communities when the Lanham Act was approved on May 28, 1941. This was the revised act of October 14, 1940, to "expedite the provision of housing in connection with national defense, and for other purposes." Representative Lanham stated in the House, "by reason of the great influx of population into some localities...large sums of money were appropriated and are being used tor defense housing. Necessarily the action which has been taken has resulted and is resulting in congested areas which force upon the local communities problems they are unable to solve and involve amounts of money they are not able to expend." Little mention was made in the Congressional hearings of day care as interest was centered primarily in the immediate and tangible needs for schools, waterworks, hospitals, recreational facilities and roads.