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Department of Education

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Oppenheimer, J. J.

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Threlkeld, Hilda

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Kelley, Noble H.


Halleck Hall Junior High School (Louisville, Ky.); Slow learning children--Education--Kentucky--Louisville


Success or failure - there are no other two words which can create more joy or sorrow to both pupils and teachers. Some of the teachers in Halleck Hall Junior High School feel that they are not satisfied with the achievement made by the slow-learners, or low groups, with whom they work. An attempt has been made, under the direction of the principal, to classify pupils entering Halleck Hall Junior High School, into homogeneous groups. The low group composed of slow learners is known as Group Three. When the pupils enter Halleck Hall Junior High School, they are classified on the basis of the score they made on the Kuhlmann Anderson Intelligence Test which was administered to all Louisville pupils in the sixth grade. If the pupils are entering the Louisville school system for the first time, they are given the Otis Self Administering Test of Mental Ability. On this basis, the pupils are divided into three groups. Group One - those pupils with high intelligence scores. Group Two - those pupils with average, or normal intelligence scores. Group Three - those pupils with LOW, or below average intelligence scores. This last group is the group which furnishes the basic material for this study.

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