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Biology, MS

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McCoy, William

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Lovell, Harvey B.

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Davies, P. A.

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Kelley, Noble H.


Herpetology--Kentucky; Amphibians--Kentucky; Reptiles--Kentucky; Amphibians; Herpetology; Reptiles; Kentucky


Although the herpetofauna of Kentucky is extensive and varied. it has received much less attention than that of most other states. Many herpetologists have reported on various phases of the state's amphibians and reptiles, but for the most part these reports are discrete, either pertaining to a collection, or a generic or specific study. Hence, there is no single adequate work which aptly describes the herpetology of Kentucky as a whole. When one realizes the keystone position of Kentucky in relation to northern and southern forms, the need of a zoogeographical summary of the state becomes even more apparent. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to summarize and correlate the herpetofauna with the natural factors which influence its present distribution in Kentucky. It is the purpose of this work to present not a detailed and complete study but rather a generalized summary of the available collections and published reports in the hope that it may be of value not only as a reference but as a stimulus for further investigation of the zoogeography of the state.

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