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Master's Thesis

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Social Work

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Mathisen, Mathilda

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Caswell, Grace B.

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Kutak, Robert I.


Veterans Administration Hospital (Louisville, Ky.); Veterans' hospitals--Admission and discharge--Kentucky--Louisville; Veterans' hospitals--Kentucky--Louisville--Admission and discharge


This is a study of patients readmitted to Nichols Veterans Administration Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky during the period of April through December of 1946. This particular project was undertaken because on general observation, there appeared to be an unusual number of patients being readmitted to the hospital after having received "maximum hospital benefits" at a previous hospital admission and having been discharged "improved". To bear out this observation, a sample study was made over a ten day period and it was found that 14 percent of all the patients being admitted were readmissions. Since this was true, the question arose as to why so many patients sought readmission.

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