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Master's Thesis

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Social Work

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Williams, Howell V.

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Belzer, Katharine


Family Service Organization (Louisville, Ky.); Ex-convicts Services for Louisville


A beautiful and successful actress, Lotta Crabtree, included as part of her will, the following statement: "I have given much thought to the sad conditions of those who may have erred in life, both men and women, who suffered punishment therefore in our state prisons and reformatories, and who find themselves after their release in an almost helpless condition in which to begin the world anew." To express the interest Inherent in this statement she bequeathed to her trustees the sum of $100,000, the income from which would be for the purpose of aidlng discharged convicts. As soon as the estate was settled, in early 1931, Louisville, Kentucky, was designated as one of seven cities to receive a share of this Income. The mayor of Louisville--at that time Mr. William Harrison, an unusually progressive and socially-minded person--at once appointed a committee of three citizens to supervise the fund and to find the proper agency to carry out the intent of the benefactor. The President of the Committee, Mr. Grover Sales, was, and is again at this time, also the President of Family Service Organization, the community's private family agency; Mrs. Reuben Post Halleck, Vice President, was for years a board member of the Agency (deceased, 1946); Mr. Charles Roser, Secretary-Treasurer, was one of the city officials in the Public Utilities Bureau. The Family Service Organization was selected as the agency to administer the Lotta fund according to the terms of the will. At present the Committee still consists of Mr. Sales and Mr. Roser; as yet no one has been selected to fill the vacancy created by Mrs. Halleck's death.

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