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Master's Thesis

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Chemistry, MS

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Vernon, Clarence C.

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Stevenson, Guy


Chemicals--Safety measures; Industrial hygiene--Kentucky--Jefferson County; Industrial safety--Kentucky--Jefferson County; Industrial hygiene; Industrial safety; Kentucky--Jefferson County


The facts and conclusions presented in the following pages are the results of figures gathered during two and one half years of work as an Industrial Hygiene Engineer for the Louisville and Jefferson County Health Department. The factual information was acquired from many sources including extensive reading to which reference is made of the more recent publications in the bibliography and also from correspondence and discussions with authorities in various fields. Much data was gained from "in-service training" received at the United States Public Health Service; Bureau of Industrial Hygiene, Bethesda, Maryland; University of Michigan; National Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists' Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri; and from the Bureaus of Industrial Hygiene of the States of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

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