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Education--Kentucky--Nelson County--History; Schools--Kentucky--Nelson County--History; Education; Schools; Kentucky--Nelson County; History


"Kentucky owed most of her remarkable intellectual development at an early age in her history, to the fact that at the close of the Revolutionary War in 1781 many of the most intellectual and cultivated of officers and soldiers in that war from the states of Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland - being unsettled in their homes and business by its great duration privations and calamities - sought new homes in the then richest land in the known world. Thus, the times and the country itself, the very life of hardship, self-denial, and self-dependence, combined to make a race seldom equaled in the world for strength of intellect and will, physical and moral courage, personal prowess and personal endurance. Never did a population so small in numbers embrace so many giants in intellect, giants in daring and all but giants in physical proportions."l That a great feeling for education was shown by these early settlers in Kentucky and by those of Nelson County in particular is the object of this work. Appreciation of the educational facilities established in Nelson County from its formation to 1860 would be hindered without some discussion of efforts along this line before either Kentucky, the state or Nelson, the County, were formed.

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