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Master's Thesis

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Department of Education

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Oppenheimer, J. J.

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Threlkeld, Hilda

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Kelley, Noble H.


Adult education--Kentucky--Louisville; Adult education; Kentucky--Louisville


This study was inspired by a statement in the Louisville Public School Survey, 1943, in which Dr. George A. Works said, "Programs of adult education are exceedingly important in the modern community. The nature of modern life and the demands for continuous education and training suggest the need for school service in this area. Following the war, the demand will undoubtedly be very great. Louisville would do well to assign definite staff time for development of basic plans in this area." The writer was connected with the Works Progress Administration Adult Education Program as teacher from 1935 to 1937, and as principal of the Adult Night High School from 1937 until it closed in June, 1943. She was assistant principal of the Adult Night High School at Ahrens Trade School 1943-1944. It is with pleasure that she has undertaken this study, and it is her one hope that some small benefit to the people of Louisville will accrue from its pages; and that a greater insight into the needs and satisfactions of adults, and the ways and means of obtaining these through education may be her share in the results of this study. The purpose of the study shall be to find out more about adult education; its growth and philosophy; what has been done under public schools systems in other cities, and what can be done to improve the educational opportunities offered adults in Louisville.

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