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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.



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Humanities, PhD

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Blum, Mark E.

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Allen, Annette C.

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Potter, Nancy

Committee Member

Skaggs, Steven


Language and languages--Philosophy; Architecture--Language


The purpose of this dissertation is to suggest a platform for the investigation and discussion of the process of structuring thought in the Western tradition through the use of architectonic language. This platform will incorporate elements of not only physical structures but also the roles of metaphor and particularly memory as evidence of the architecturally-based framing of our thinking about thinking in addition to the ways in which that thinking has changed as a result of pluralist influences. The discussion will include a tracing of the largely uninvestigated but always present architectonic language of thought, a discussion of the problematic nature of memory upon that structuring, and an analysis of the role of inscription and metaphor in that same scope. It will culminate in an application of the process in a comparison of two works of memorial architecture to make evident the ways in which architecture and thought are bound together and exhibit the elements discussed throughout the dissertation in an attempt to situate the contemporary moment in our thinking through a comparison of historical Modernism and Postmodernism.

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