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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Art (Creative) and Art History with a concentration in Critical and Curatorial Studies, MA

Committee Chair

Begley, John P.

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Jarosi, Susan

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Gibson, John

Committee Member

Ogden, Joyce


Curatorship--Philosophy; Artists--Attitudes; Art museum curators--Attitudes; Art Exhibitions--Indiana--New Harmony; Art Exhibitions--Kentucky--Louisville


By utilizing the flexibility and sensitivity of the curatorial role through possibilities of collaboration and reaction between artist and curator, curating has the potential to explore territories previously reserved for the artist’s studio. The exhibition Displacement, A Reckoning of Internal Affairs was a two-part curatorial project that demonstrated parallels in studio praxis and curatorial process. It was born out of a reaction to and consideration of the increasingly globalized art world, and an application of the multi-layered driving forces inherent to contemporaneity on a local scale. It was developed using a delicate mixture of planning and intuitive response. It models an approach to exhibition-making that relies on methods typically used in visual artists’ studio production.