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Master's Thesis

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Chemistry, MS

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Yappert, Cecilia

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Borchman, Douglas

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Zamborini, Francis Patrick


Salicylic acid; Mass spectrometry


The biosynthetic pathway leading to the production of anacardic acids (AnAcs) in glandular trichomes on the surface of geranium plants remains unclear. Anacardic acids are salicylic acid derivatives known to possess various medicinal benefits. Gene silencing techniques, such as RNA interference, could be useful in determining specific enzymes involved in the synthesis of AnAcs. However, it is first necessary to develop methodologies to image AnAcs. In this project, both fluorescence (FL) and mass spectral imaging (MSI) were tested. Our results indicate that cellular imaging of AnAcs, via FL, is not suitable because the spectral ranges of absorption and emission of AnAcs fall within the same range of common cellular components. Furthermore, FL cannot distinguish among various AnAcs. Fortunately, and with the use of a new and stable matrix, bis(p-nitrophenly) amine, in-situ imaging of AnAcs using MALDI-MSI has been achieved for the first time.

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Chemistry Commons