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Master's Thesis

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Department of Justice Administration

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Tewksbury, Richard

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Hughes, Thomas

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Mustaine, Elizabeth


People with disabilities--Crimes against; People with disabilities--Social conditions


To date victimizations amongst the disabled has been researched, but the literature tends to group these victimizations amongst disabled as a whole. This research is also limited for this particular population and this review tries to outline, expand, and attempts to explain improvements for research by identifying the disabled into specific groups rather than all as one group. For example, individualizing policies and research for the blind specifically or any disability in an individualized approach. In the following an intensive online search of literature regarding different victimizations rates, types of disabilities and correlative victimizations, and the relationship these disabled individuals have with the judicial system was conducted. The findings will be discussed in the proceeding sections, using “routine activity theory” (Cohen & Felson, 1979) to explain the victimization of the disabled and also offer policy implementations for furthering the research to individualize the material between disabilities, rather than grouping all disabled victimizations into a single category.