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Master's Thesis

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Division of Social Administration

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Cronin, John J.

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Pruitt, Annie Louise

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Pruitt, Annie Louise

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Stevenson, Guy


Family Service Organization (Louisville, Ky.)--Finance


Finances play an important part in the operation of any business or organization. Quite often, it is a part that is little understood or studied except by the specialists in the financial field. A large proportion of the general public pays little more than a passing glance at the published financial papers of an organization. Particularly is this true of the welfare or social service organizations. Yet such agencies are usually the ones which come in for a greater share of criticism in connection with the expenditure of money. The purpose of this study, however, is not to attempt to answer specific criticism which might arise regarding the financial status or expenditures of the Family Service Organization; although it is hoped that by this history of the financial development of the agency, a better understanding may be secured. The presentation of certain figures of income and expenditures over a period of years will aid in giving a clearer picture of the changes of the function of the agency, its services, and its financial needs since its incorporation to the present time, and how the agency has faced the needs of the people in each changing period. This history is made as a companion to several other histories of the agency. These histories show that the development of the agency seems to fall into natural divisions. The agency was first known as the Charity Organization Society and was incorporated in 1884. In 1907, the name was changed to the Associated Charities. The agency became known as the Family Service Organization in 1921, and has kept this name until the present time. Within this period, however, there are certain natural divisions which have resulted from certain developments in the community which have affected the function of the agency. Each change of name reflected a change in philosophy or function of the agency.