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Master's Thesis

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Department of Education

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Oppenheimer, J. J.

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Burton, Mary E.

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Threlkeld, Hilda


Mary D. Hill School; Children with mental disabilities--Education--Kentucky--Louisville; Slow learning children--Education--Kentucky--Louisville; Mentally handicapped children--Education--Kentucky--Louisville


In almost every classroom in the country there are overage boys and girls, retarded children who have been pushed along through school after repeated failures have convinced both them and their teachers and companions that they are of little consequence. Since not much can be done to remedy the situation after so many years, the only solution in most cases is to pass the children along as rapidly as possible, allowing them to sit in the successive grades where the intellectual tasks are completely beyond their limited abilities. Here they acquire more bad habits and often become personality or behavior problems. Yet these slow children are not being educated. They are Americans and education is for all the children of all the people. They are the Americans who are our future citizens, who will grow up and take their places in the world, will make homes, raise families, and cast votes. "What they become, the ideals they develop, are vital to our national welfare."

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