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Master's Thesis

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M. Ed.

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Department of Education

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Oppenheimer, J. J.

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Stevenson, Guy

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Stevenson, Guy

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Swink, Clyde W.


Adair School (Jefferson County, Ky.); Community and school--Kentucky--Louisville


The purpose of this paper is to describe the origin and development of a specific small school in a specific small community, to show how the school and the community cooperate with one another, and to present the relationship between this school and this community as an example of the democratic way of life on the local level. The school is Adair (Elementary School No. 78-2) and the community is a small section of Jefferson County just outside the city limits of Louisville. The first part of the paper -- "Adair Then" -- tells how the need tor a school arose in this community; how this need was met by public-spirited citizens of the community; and how, as the community expanded in population, the school grew with it. The second part of the paper -- "Adair Now" -- describes the present relationship between the school and the community, and shows how they work together democratically for the good of all.

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