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Master's Thesis

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Civil Engineering, MS

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Zhao, Qian

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Rockaway, Thomas

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Rockaway, Thomas

Committee Member

Yang, Li


Zeolites; Sand


Zeolite and sand mixture is an ideal reactive filling material for the Permeable Reactive barrier (PRB) due to its higher hydraulic conductivity and sorption capacity. This study applied three ASTM standard tests to examine the geotechnical engineering properties of ASTM 20-30 sand and zeolite (clinoptilolite) mixtures with varying zeolite mass percentages (25%, 50%and 75%). Conducted lab tests including: Proctor compaction, hydraulic conductivity in rigid wall permeameter and one-dimensional consolidation. The goals of this study were to quantify the impact of zeolite content and compactive effort on the density, conduction and compressibility of the sand-zeolite mixtures.