Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Doctoral Dissertation

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Ph. D.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Degree Program

Civil Engineering, PhD

Committee Chair

McGinley, William

Committee Co-Chair (if applicable)

Rockaway, Thomas

Committee Member

Rockaway, Thomas

Committee Member

Bradshaw, Roger

Committee Member

Kim, Young Hoon


Concrete walls--Testing; Shear walls--Testing


In this dissertation the performance of masonry walls enclosed by frame structures is studied and a new finite element model for these systems is presented. As part of this effort, the common modeling approaches i.e. micro-models and macro-models are briefly reviewed and their specifications are compared. Based on the findings in these comparisons, it was shown that macro modeling is the preferred modeling approach and the development of the new model is presented. The proposed model is described in detail and the calibration procedures along with the material models, used in the proposed model, are presented. To account for the interaction of the frame and the shear wall a contact member is developed. In support of this development three of most common solutions for contact problems that can be also used in modeling the frame-infill interaction problem are described; a detailed description for the chosen method along with a simple structural example is given. A method for capturing the behaviors of the steel reinforcement (if present) is presented for the case where the infill shear walls are reinforced. The proposed element was examined to see if it passes a patch test. Finally, a number of experimental tests conducted by other researchers are modeled using the proposed model and the results are compared with the behavior predicted by the model. Good agreement between the predicted and measured behavior was achieved.