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Master's Thesis

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M. Eng.



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Frieboes, Hermann

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O'Toole, Martin

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O'Toole, Martin

Committee Member

Williams, Stewart

Author's Keywords

cancerous histological samples


The use of immunohistochemistry has become commonplace in the field of cancer diagnosis. A major limitation to the ability to use this tool effectively is the time consuming tasks required for the analysis of data due to the fact that it is largely done by hand. Additionally, because of this, there is an inherent level of subjectivity in the results obtained from this process that may depend on who it is conducting the analysis. Therefore, there exists a need for a method that is able to quantify results from immunohistochemical techniques in a way that it is both time-effective and consistent in how each sample is treated.

In this study a program was developed that was able to give a quantitative analysis of DAB stained prostate cancer samples that mimics the results obtained by the conventional manual annotation method. This program was then used further to analyze much larger samples that would be too time consuming to analyze in the conventional way, as well as to analyze a large series of samples generated in a tissue microarray.