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Master's Thesis

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English, MA

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Biberman, Matthew

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Williams, Michael

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Williams, Michael

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Stansel, Ian

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Clarity; Romantic; Marvin; Milkweed; Seurat; Absinthe


Algernon Bay is the owner of a small art gallery on Chicago’s north side. And “Clarity” begins the day after Alge has acquired a very unique and special painting. It is the day of his inaugural ritual, which he hopes can recalibrate his life. Approximately a year ago, his wife Esmeralda gave birth to a stillborn infant, and their marriage has slowly deteriorated since. Now it is on the cusp of completely collapsing. Alge and Esmeralda are finally desperate, and they take unthinkable measures to attain the feeling of love once more. “The Romantic Marvin Milkweed” is a story that features a quixotic librarian that is desperately in-love with one of his employees. When a drunken homeless man wanders into the library, Marvin views the situation as a chance to impress his beloved Zoe, but things go awry. Marvin ends up alienating her, and forcing her to quit. Then, Marvin hatches a plan to win Zoe’s heart by proving his undying devotion, and does something drastic to finally reveal the depth of his adoration.

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