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Master's Thesis

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M.M. Ed.


Music Education

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Music Education, MME

Committee Chair

Amchin, Robert

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Bolding, Randi

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Bolding, Randi

Committee Member

Potochnic, Jennifer

Author's Keywords

Music education; Advocacy; Principal; High School; Administrator


The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the viewpoints and value of music in the public schools from the perspective of high school principals. Principals from five high schools in an urban school district in a southern metropolitan area were interviewed. All schools that were a part of this study varied geographically and socioeconomically. Each school had a curricular program for band, choir, and orchestra and a highly-qualified teacher directing the programs. Interview questions ranged from their own participation in band, choir, or orchestra when they were in any level of school, what roles they see music as having in their school, and why they choose to keep music in their schools when, elsewhere, programs are being cut to save money. The administrators had a high regard for music in their own lives, as well as in the lives of their students. Some of these principals even viewed music as a direct supporter of the 21st century skills that are so widely emphasized and promoted. Music is actively supported at all levels of this school district, from the Board of Education to the individual students.