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Master's Thesis

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Sociology, MA

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Marshall, Gul

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Gagne, Patricia

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Gagne, Patricia

Committee Member

Hanchette, Carol

Author's Keywords

bottled water; framing; counterframing; anti-bottled water movement; social movement


Frame analysis is paired with documentary analysis to analyze the framing techniques of two opposing groups: the Anti-Bottled Water Movement (ABWM) and the bottled water industry. Specifically, this research examines the core framing tasks, frame alignment processes and master frames utilized by two ABWM organizations, Corporate Accountability International and Food & Water Watch, and one bottled water industry group, International Bottled Water Association. The analysis reveals that both groups engage in all three core framing tasks: diagnostic, prognostic, and motivational framing, however, the bottled water industry was found to prioritize prognostic framing to undermine the frames of the ABWM. Both the ABWM and the bottled water industry utilize frame bridging, frame amplification, and frame extension to support their core framing tasks, however, the bottled water industry was the only group observed to engage in frame transformation. The ABWM applies both anti-neoliberal and human rights master frames while the bottled water industry applies a choice master frame.