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Master's Thesis

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Geography and Geosciences

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Geography (Applied), MS

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Walker, Margath

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Hanchette, Carol

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Hanchette, Carol

Committee Member

Heberle, Lauren

Author's Keywords

community gardens; communism; anarchy; discourse analysis; capitalism


Environmental change and food security issues boost interest in green initiatives, which in turn motivate policy makers and the general public toward the support and maintenance of urban community gardens. In Louisville Kentucky, an urban heat island in the United States, support for community gardens requires greater community support and volunteers. Objectives and organization of community gardens vary, as issues in production and sustainability are not the same for all garden communities and are contributing factors to their degree of success. Community gardens represent elements from both communal living and community but vary in their degree of communality. Using qualitative data obtained through interviews and participation observation, this study examines the relationship between community gardens and communalism. Specifically, I investigate how community gardens operate differently with the idea of communality, which depends on leadership, stakeholders, and knowledge production.