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Master's Thesis

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering, MS

Committee Chair

Brehob, Ellen

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Park, Sam

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Kelecy, Andrea

Committee Member

Willing, Gerold

Author's Keywords

Microchannel; Maldistribution


This is a study of the effects on heat transfer capacity predictions of microchannel condensers when airflow is maldistributed due to the shape of the condenser. The three shapes investigated in this study are flat, U-shape and roll. Each coil was tested in a water calorimeter and those results were compared to the model prediction. The model prediction was calculated using CoilDesigner™ modeling software with standard correlations. Using the uniform airflow assumption, the model over predicted the heat capacity measured in the calorimeter by 5-11% depending on the coil and inlet conditions. The local airflow velocity was measured using a vane anemometer, particle image velocimetry and a hotwire anemometer depending on the method that suited a particular geometry. The measured airflow profile was applied to the model and the heat capacity prediction error was reduced by 0.5-1.5%.